EdgeCentric is comprised of many, let's say.... 'personalities'. It would seem that after 20 years of working in and around the most independent minds in film, one can sure build up an amazing cadre of imaginative minds. Add to that the character of the development team built by our lead developer and you have quite an eclectic mix.


You want something to be presented. Properly. This means you need someone who can see the big picture... and explain it. This requires a person with strong visualization capability. A seasoned Director of Photography, David has credits ranging from small commercials and music videos to prime time serial television shows and international blockbusters. His IMDB profile is only half the story.


Our programming team is lead by a seasoned programmer with over 25 years experience writing everything from simple children's games to complex pricing and estimating system. Currently enveloped by a new online game revolving around cell phones he is slowly loosing his tan and becoming more allergic to light. We hope to see him again soon.

A.G. Melkom

A director with a passion for excellence. A.G. drives the team hard and produces fantastic results. Her most recent success being a 10 minute production for the Los Angeles Civil Grand Jury.

Clio Tegel

What would OZ be without the Wizard? Pull back the curtain at EdgeCentric and you'll find Clio. As our merciless Production Coordinator Clio somehow manages to keep us all in line, and on track.

Rob Mestas

Rob's typical response is "no problem". Given any task, wether driving 120 miles South to pick up a lens and 100 miles North to drop off a tape, Rob is our number one "Go To Guy" and one of the best Production Assistants we've come accross in a number of years. Anyone want pizza?