Our History

It's DAVE's fault. No, not our own David Smith's fault, but DAVE as in Corel's Digitalism Vehicle built in 2002 to provide the platform for thousands to experience digital creativity in a hands-on, highly interactive setting.

As individuals, we were tasked with building the infrastructure for this 30-ton mobile studio/classroom. Within three weeks, we had succeeded in not only delivering a truly unique experience, but cemented the foundation for EdgeCentric.

In the following 6 years, EdgeCentric has produced interactive displays for the likes of Corel, Honda, Toyota and the National Marine Manufacturers Association.

While not straying too far from our core competencies, EdgeCentric has also produced videos for Johnny Rockets, the County of Los Angeles, and the current NBC Series Knight Rider.

Software development has included an online video debating website, an online scavenger hunt, and a new upcoming service called "Negative Light".