The Los Angeles County Civil Grand Jury needed a way to promote themselves to potential jurors and to the general public.
Over a short period of two months, EdgeCentric interviewed 16 past jurors and filmed 4 segments focused on the benefits provided by the Civil Grand Jury in the community. Special attention had to be paid to the public record in that the constraint of preserving the unbiased opinion of jurors must be maintained. A methodical approval process helped steer clear of potential missteps and ultimately delivered an exceptional product.

Planning was the key element and while the production team did manage a bit of luck, all of the key jurors were sped through a quick and managed interview process. Following a short period of story development and approval, our director was able to schedule and shoot the necessary footage quickly while excersizing a small production footprint. The results were widely accepted by Judges and the Jury. You can now view the video in Jury rooms around Los Angeles County.